Residential Conveyancing

Are You Looking To Buy Or Sell A Property? Burys Solicitors Can Assist You With This Process
Residential Conveyancing

Residential Conveyancing

Selling or buying a house is one of the most stressful and time consuming things you can do. It is a major life event and one in which we usually invest the majority of our savings in to.
We treat all of our clients like our own family because we know how difficult a time like this can be. We all have full time jobs, young families and busy lives so we know more than anyone how we can help you.
With this in mind we have made our systems and process very straight forward to allow us to streamline the buying and selling process.
We even offer a FAST TRACK service to vendors to enable them to instruct us, complete the property forms and provide identification documents. This means when they do accept an offer from a buyer, they have completed the initial clients care paperwork and it can save up to 2 weeks of the selling process. We do not charge any more for this service, we just want to get you moving as soon as possible and stay one step ahead.

Want to know the buying process check our handy guide!

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