Housing Disrepair

We Can Help Ensure Your Rights As A Tenant Are Supported And Get You The Compensation You Deserve And Ensure Your Home Is Restored And Repaired.
Housing Disrepair

Housing Disrepair Compensation

Are You A Tenant Who Lives In A House That Suffers From Mould, Damp Or Unfit To Live In? Is Your Housing Association Or Council Refusing To Help? You Could Be Entitled To Compensation As Well As Free Repairs. Check Your Claim Today. NO WIN, NO FEE. Call Our Office On 0151 837 1662 To Discuss Your Claim.

The Basic Requirements Of A Housing Disrepair Claim

How Do I Know I Can Claim?

No one should live in a property which has disrepair. Under Section 11 of the Landlord and Tenant Act 1985 any social (council, housing association) or private landlord (individual or company) who grants shorthold and secure tenancies are required by law to keep your property in good repair, you are entitled to live in a home where you feel sheltered, stress free and secure. 

Repairs Your Landlord Is Responsible For

There are different types of disrepair for example;

If You Have Been

Complaining to your landlord for more than 6 months

Renting the property over 12 months

Have little or no rent arrears/ not withheld your rent

Various items of disrepair in a number of rooms in your property

YOU could be entitled to claim. NO WIN NO FEE

Your Questions Answers

What Can I Claim For

If you are successful in claiming against your landlord you are entitled to compensation, depending upon the nature/ seriousness of disrepair and how long you have been living in and reporting the disrepair.If you have evidence of damage to your personal belongings and the impact on your health (visiting your GP/hospitalised) you can also claim for the costs of any redecoration or harm which you have been subjected to.

How Much Will It Cost And What Is No Win No Fee?

You do not need to worry about the expenses involved. Our housing disrepair lawyers offer a variety of funding options and will be upfront about the costs involved and take on cases on a no win no fee basis. You may be entitled to help with fees if you are in receipt of government benefits. 

We act on a no win no fee basis with an after the event insurance policy (payable only if your claim is successful and at the end of the claim out of your damages), this ensures there is no requirement for you to pay upfront costs. 

The insurance premium guarantees provided you have cooperated with us and given a truthful honest account that you will not be charged in the event your claim is unsuccessful. If you are successful, the then your landlord will contribute to your legal costs. 

We will deduct the cost of the insurance and 25% plus vat commonly known as a success fee which is a repayment for the risk taken by the firm for taking the risk that the claim may not be successful at all.

You have a 14 day “cooling off” period if you change your mind but after the 14 days if you cancel we have the right to charge for the works carried out to the date of cancellation.

How Long Will It Take?

Your landlord is required to respond within 21 days of receiving our letter and we hope to settle claims within 6-9 months. 

However, depending upon the behaviour of your landlord, and you, it may take longer. If necessary, we will instruct a surveyor to assess the damage within your property his fee will be payable by your landlord should your claim be successful. 

In order for a claim to be valid any repairs must be over £1,000 a surveyor will be able to assess this damage if your landlord has not done so already. If it goes to court, it is likely to take longer, however, we will keep you fully updated throughout the life of your claim as to expected next steps and timescales.

Can I Be Evicted?

Once a complaint has been received by your landlord any attempt is not permitted. It is highly unlikely this will happen, however, it is important you notify us immediately so we can assist.

Why Us?

We have a vast array of experience in cases in housing disrepair. Our aim is to ensure your landlord who has ignored your requests for help finally restores your home once and for all.

We Cannot Help If

You have left the property, your landlord has carried out repairs or you have failed to report

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