Diesel Claims

If you've owned or leased a diesel car or van in England or Wales that was first registered between around 2009 and 2019, you may be able to join a group legal claim over emissions
Diesel Claims

If You've Purchased A Diesel Vehicle Between 2009 And 2020, You Might Qualify For Our Legal Action Claim.

What is a Diesel claim?

In 2015 Audi and Volkswagen (VW) faced action over “defeat devices” which were installed in some of their vehicles. It was alleged that their vehicles were fitted with devices with a view to “cheating” tests carried out by regulators. This was considered not only as a gross violation of consumer rights but also an alleged environmental and heat scandal across the UK and worldwide. The case was known as the Dieselgate scandal.

In 2022 VW reached a settlement outside of court of £193 million following a claim by 100,000 diesel car or van owners. The issue has extended to other manufacturers such as Mercedes, BMW, Nissan and Volvo.

As a result of the device being fitted the car was essentially mis sold meaning you could be entitled to claim thousands in compensation.

Why am I entitled to money?

Various legal arguments are being raised; however, you could be owed thousands back on the basis that;

Am I eligible?

If you’ve owned or leased a diesel car or van in England or Wales that was first registered between around 2009 and 2019, you may be able to join a group legal claim over emissions. Contact us today to discuss your claim.

You may still be eligible to make a claim on a range of other affected vehicles, including Mercedes, BMW,  Porsche, and Volvo. However, you must meet the following criteria:

Even if you had the vehicle fixed to comply with emissions standards, you can still make a claim.

Contact us today and we will make the relevant checks to review your claim.

What is a Group Litigation Claim / Order (GLO)

This is a type of claim which is pursed by a large number of claimants. There are “lead” solicitors who are responsible for presenting the relevant arguments on behalf of all claimants.

Cases of this nature are different as the result/steps taken are dictated by the group of solicitors for example if an amount for compensation is put forward the decision is made by the group of solicitors as opposed to clients individually as with normal cases. However, it is predicted individual cases can range from £2,000-£10,000.

If the claims get to trial, your chances of winning will not rest solely on Burys but on all of the law firms working together.

Who pays for the claim?

Cases are funded by a no win no fee unless our agreement is breached e.g. you are dishonest about the facts of your case.

There is a 48% deduction from damages to cover legal costs and an after the event insurance.

Your Questions Answers

What happens if I lose?

Cases are no win no fee, however, an insurance policy is taken out to cover the defendants legal costs, if required. The amount for the insurance is deducted from damages paid.

How long will it take?

Cases of this nature are complex and with a large number of claimants investigations are required. Claims could take 5 years or longer. The VW Group case, claims was grouped together by the court in May 2018, but the case was only due to go to trial in January 2023, before a settlement was reached in May 2022. Had it gone to court, proceedings may have stretched out even further through potential future appeals.

What information do I need to provide?

Relevant checks can be carried out by us but your name, address, vehicle registration and any other documentation you hold will assist.

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