Powers of Attorney

This is a legal document which allows you to appoint persons of your choice
Powers of Attorney

Powers of Attorney & Court of Protection

A power of attorney allows you to appoint a person of your choice to help you manage your affairs in the event that you loose capacity. Contrary to a will which deals with your affairs after your death, a power of attorney, think A for alive, allows you to have help whilst you are alive.

Over recent years, especially with dementia diagnosis on the increase; these have become more detailed and allow the donor (person making the Lasting Power of Attorney) to be very specific, flexible and control how they operate such as placing restrictions on the Attorneys.

Powers of attorney are priceless they do not have to be just for when your have lost capacity they can assist you with your affairs in an ever evolving technology based society, they have many benefits

Court of Protection

This is a process which involves the Court when a person loses the capacity to make their own decisions and cannot therefore make a Lasting Power of Attorney. This is for property and affairs and also personal welfare. The Court must appoint a Deputy.

The process consists of medical assessments and other relevant documentation and persons to be informed with the possibility of a hearing if objections are raised.

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