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Write Your Last Will and Testament with Burys Solicitors

Need help writing your last Will and Testament? Talk to us.

Our team at Burys Solicitors are everyday people that have significant personal experience of dealing with loss and medical diagnosis.

In addition, we have the legal knowledge and experience to enable us to provide a caring and compassionate service.

Why bother making a Will?

Making a Will ensures that your loved ones are not just provided for financially, but it can also make the administration of your estate (everything you owned) easier than if you are intestate (died without a Will).

Whilst we know it is never a nice prospect to deal with the eventuality of your death – preparation is everything. Peace of mind is priceless and our team of experienced Wills Solicitors can help you write your Will.

Those living with their partner but not married may face some serious hardship according to the rules of intestacy. Many people mistakenly believe that if you are married, then everything passes to the spouse easily- only to face difficulties with banks and building societies, asking for probate documentation in order to do so.

Although this is required with or without a Will in many circumstances; financial affairs and probate procedures can be complex and time consuming. Having a valid Will gives some certainty to your estate and your family who are left grieving.

Don’t worry- your Will can be changed at any time, as your life circumstances will also change over time; and it’s probably not as costly as you first thought.

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What is a last Will and Testament?

Your last Will and testament is a legal document that allows any assets that you have prior to death to be distributed how you would have wished on your passing. This may include you money, property, or stocks/shares.

Sometimes writing a Will is quite straightforward. But at other times, it can be quite a complicated process.

Whether it will be easy or difficult will depend on your particular circumstances, your relationships with close family members and whether you had specific beneficiaries in mind for certain items.

What will happen if I don’t prepare my last Will and Testament?

If you do not have a Will, then you will have died ‘ intestate’.  This means that the law sets out who benefits from your assets.

  • If you are unmarried then your children will automatically inherit your estate.
  • On the contrary, if you are unmarried and have no children, then your parents will inherit your estate.
  • If your parents have deceased, then your siblings will inherit.

This situation does not allow unmarried partners to inherit nor the opportunity to gift to charities.

It also does not allow for any difficult relationship situations to be considered; it may be there is someone you did NOT want to benefit from your estate.

Can you help me change my Will?

Yes, our team can help you amend, update or even completely cancel a will at any time, provided you have the mental capacity to do so.

It is really important that you seek advice and guidance to ensure you do not void your Will.

Will your Law Firm be able to store my last Will and Testament?

We store all Wills free of charge.

Some law firms may have a cheaper legal fee but then charge a fee for storage.

It is really important that your Will is saved securely because in the absence of a Will, the law presumes that the person whose Will it is has destroyed the will with the intention of revoking it.

Why do Burys Solicitors offer home visits?

We have always provided home visits as we feel that when discussing sensitive issues such as death alongside talking about relationships with people that you may or may not wish to inherit can be very emotional.

Not only that, but people also often decide to create a Will at significant times in their lives.

Some of these are positive and joyous occasions such as marriages and births of children.

On the flipside it can also be because of a medical diagnosis, or the death of a loved one that has prompted them to get their own affairs in order.

Therefore, whether because someone may be elderly or diagnosed with a medical condition or suffered a loss, it is important that the person with the appointment feels at ease and comfortable.

How to arrange face-to-face Will writing?

To arrange a face-to-face Will writing visit, call our team on 01200 405 026. Alternatively, submit your contact details using our contact form at the bottom of this page and we’ll be in touch shortly.

Prices start from £225+vat for a basic will – complex wills will be priced accordingly.

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Don’t put off making a Will any longer

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