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Why bother making one?

Whilst it is never a nice prospect to deal with the eventuality of your death- preparation is everything and peace of mind is priceless. Making a Will ensures that your loved ones are not just provided for financially, but it can also make the administration of your estate (everything you owned) easier than if you are intestate (died without a Will).
Those living with their partner but not married may face some serious hardship according to the rules of intestacy. Many people mistakenly believe that if you are married, then everything passes to the spouse easily- only to face difficulties with banks and building societies, asking for probate documentation in order to do so.
Although this is required with or without a Will in many circumstances; financial affairs and probate procedures can be complex and time consuming, having a valid Will gives some certainty to your estate and your family who are left grieving.
Don’t worry- your Will can be changed at any time, as your life circumstances will also change over time; and it’s probably not as costly as you first thought.

Prices start from £175 for a basic will – complex wills will be priced accordingly.

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